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About Mod Academy

Be Modern it’s a lifestyle. A timeless sense of design and beauty. Adapt, adopt and improve. That’s our password, that’s what we believe in MOD. In this era, is very di cult, almost impossible, to create something brand new. Anything is in uenced by something else: music, fashion, arts, vintage trends. What we suggest is to take inspiration from all of them and learn it very well, put into something of yourself or change it in your own way and then you’ve
got the innovation.

That’s what we do, This is MOD.

This is the fundamental assumption that MOD puts at the center of its design research. Brainchild of Emanuele Vona and Oni Quadrino, MOD is a place to bring together di erent experiences and inspirations. A place to evolve its professionalism free from in uences of fashion and trends, but above all to understand HOW and WHY. Inspired by subcultures, MOD o ers a series of courses where to explore and re ne the technical and cultural knowledge in
order to increase the potential for success.

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